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Enabling the Student Location Question

Updated Mar 26, 2021

Some districts may request that the Student Location Question be added to their online benchmark tests. This question appears when they begin an online benchmark assessment and asks where they are located. See Student Location Question for Online Testing for details.

Enable for the District

To enable the Student Location Question:

  1. Log in as a TE21 Admin user.
  2. Choose Districts/Portals to open the Manage Districts page.
  3. Click the Edit District icon. The Edit District page appears.
  4. In the "Application Settings" section, check the box for "Student Location Question."

Enable for Each Benchmark

When scheduling a benchmark assessment, you can choose to include the Student Location Question with it when you select a district that has the option enabled.

To include the question on a benchmark assessment:

  1. Log in as a TE21 Admin user.
  2. Enable the district if you have not already (see above).
  3. Go to the Schedule an Assessment page (either by selecting the Assessments menu followed by Schedules and creating a new schedule (or editing an existing schedule) or by clicking the Assign Classrooms icon next to the assessment if it appears on the Dashboard). 
  4. On the Schedule an Assessment page, select the assessment if it is not already selected. 
  5. Choose a District
  6. Check the option for "Include Student Location Question."

Note: You must select the district first in order to see the Student Location Question option for the assessment. The system checks that the district has the Student Location Question enabled, and then presents the option.

Continue to schedule the assessment as you normally would. Refer to Scheduling CASE Benchmark Assessments.

DTC users may now schedule the benchmark for their classrooms. When they do, they will see that the benchmark has the location question enabled, but it is read-only:

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