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List of Errors for Importing Assessments

Updated Mar 26, 2021

When importing assessments, you may see errors reported by the system. This article outlines the most commonly returned error messages.

Error messages that may appear when attempting to import an assessment include the following:

  • Expected cell [cell label] to have content [content expectation], but found [content in file] 

This is returned any time that the spreadsheet isn't structured correctly; missing a row, header label spelled wrong, etc.

  • Invalid value [content in file] found in cell [cell label]

This is returned when the cell has a formula that cant be evaluated because of an error.

  • [Assessment Title | Assessment Type | District | Subject | Region | Document | Adopt Year |Author Email] is required.
  • [Assessment type in file] is not a valid assessment type.
  • [No | Multiple] districts found with name [district in file].
  • [No | Multiple] users found with email [user@district.edu] in district [district in file].
  • [No | Multiple] subjects found with name [subject in file].
  • [No | Multiple] documents found with title [document in file], and adopt year [YYYY in file], in region [region in file], having subject [subject in file].
  • Assessment does not contain any items.
  • Item Sequence values must be either complete or all blank.
  • Item Sequence must be a number. Found [content in file] instead.
  • Vendor ID values cannot be blank.
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