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List of Supported Standards Cores for Importing Assessments

Updated Mar 26, 2021

When importing assessments, you must provide a valid "Region," "Document," and "Adopt Year" combination that corresponds to a "core" in enCASE. Cores represent a set of standards based on region/authority, document/subject, and the year the standards were adopted.


For example, the image below shows the cores as they appear on the Search for Assessments page:

(1) Region

(2) Document

(3) Adopt Year

When populating a file for assessment import, refer to the tables below for a valid "Region," "Document," and "Adopt Year" to specify in the file:

Subject: Language Arts

Region Document Adopt Year
CC English Language Arts/Literacy 2010
KY English Language Arts 2010
KY Reading and Writing 2019
LA English Language Arts 2013
LA English Language Arts 2016
MS English/Language Arts 2010
MS English Language Arts 2012
MS Language Arts 2016
NC English Language Arts 2017
NC English Language Arts and Literacy 2010
SC English Language Arts 2015
SC Language and Literacy 2007
TN English Language Arts 2010
TN English Language Arts 2016
TN English/Language Arts 2001
TX English Language Arts and Reading 2008
TX English Language Arts and Reading 2017
UT English Language Arts 2012
UT English Language Arts and Literacy 2010

Subject: Mathematics

Region Document Subject Adopt Year
CC Mathematics 2010
KY Mathematics 2010
KY Mathematics 2019
LA Mathematics 2010
LA Mathematics 2016
MS Mathematics 2010
MS Mathematics 2012
MS Mathematics 2016
NC Mathematics 2003
NC Mathematics 2011
NC Mathematics 2017
SC Mathematics 2007
SC Mathematics 2015
TN Mathematics 2010
TN Mathematics 2016
TX Mathematics 2012
UT Mathematics 2010
UT Mathematics 2012
UT Mathematics 2016

Subject: Science

Region Document Subject Adopt Year
KY Science 2013
LA Science 1997
LA Science 2004
LA Science 2017
MS Science 2008
MS Science 2018
NC Science 2010
SC Science 2014
TN Science 2008
TN Science 2016
TX Science 2009
TX Science 2017
UT Science 2002
UT Science 2010
UT Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) 2015

Subject: Social Studies

Region Document Subject Adopt Year
KY 2018-2019 Kentucky Academic Standards Social Studies 2006
KY Social Studies 2006
KY Social Studies 2019
LA Social Studies 1997
LA Social Studies 2011
MS Social Studies 2010
MS Social Studies 2018
NC Social Studies 2010
SC Social Studies 2011
SC Social Studies 2019
TN Social Studies 2013
TN Personal Finance 2015
TN Social Studies 2017
TX Social Studies 2010
TX Social Studies 2018
UT Social Studies 2008
UT Social Studies 2016

Subject: Personal Financial Literacy

Region Document Adopt Year
TN Personal Finance 2015
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