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Authorization- API


In order to access the ItemLogic API, you will first need authorization. This consists of three components:

  1. You must have a business account registered with ItemLogic.
  2. You must have a personal account registered with ItemLogic if you'd like to access the API via our API Explorer, and it must be associated with the business account in step 1.
  3. You must ask for an access token using a client_id and a client_secret.

Getting an Access Token

Once steps 1 and 2 have been completed, you can get an access token by using the following command:

curl -X POST \

Here's a sample response for this command:

"token":"1320c9658636dd0f2a85281df9afe417ef1cf1e382c724e3d59c982a6674b\     fad242479a65cddb72349005aab5a9aa6069a145b296a6a1e32d135d2dc2c8cfc7017c8\     4c8d940747ccbb0adc2a25839746596246067c277bdd80a4bf701fc2d6c"  

Using the Access Token

Now that you have an access token, you may query ItemLogic with RESTful calls to our servers. Here's a quick call just to make sure things are working:

curl -X GET https://assess.itemlogic.com/me?access_token=<token>{"id":"5","code":"KS","name":"KobellSystems","api_key_access":"8293e5a653b5e287ca55","created":"2014-08-24 13:16:27","updated":"2015-04-20 11:37:56"}
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