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Understanding Relationships


ItemLogic fosters a modularized set of relationships between publishers, consumers, and 3rd party platforms. Each relationship can exist without the involvement of all three parties. This makes it possible for relationships between parties of all types to morph or terminate without disrupting other existing relationships. For example:

  • Consumers (school districts) may swap one assessment platform for another, and their content can still be provided by the existing publisher.
  • Consumers may swap content providers, and keep their existing platform provider.

Here are explanations for the relationships illustrated in the above diagram:

  • ItemLogic allows content publishers to license their content banks directly to a consumer. In this example Content Publisher A is supplying content directly to Gotham Unified, while Content Publisher B has licensed one or more of their banks to both Gotham Unified and Basin City Schools.
  • Content Publisher B is also licensing one or more item banks directly to Assessment Platform B under the premise that the content may be used for any of Platform B's clients.
  • Gotham Unified grants Assessment Platform A the right to access its relationships (to Publisher A and B) via a "Platform Access Token". When Gotham Unified staff login to Platform A's interface, they are presented with items, banks, and assessments granted to Gotham by Publishers A and B via ItemLogic.
  • Basin City Schools grants Assessment Platform B the right to access its relationship (to Publisher B) in a similar manner.
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