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Using the API Explorer


Communications with the API happen server-side as a series of "calls". Each "call" is a simple request for data (e.g. "show me all item banks I can access"). Wherever a call to ItemLogic is required, you will need to modify your platform's codebase to call our servers for this information.

Before you begin implementing our API inside your platform, take a look at our API Explorer. It is capable of executing every call we support - in an interface that provides you with actual (live) data. This is a great way to begin understanding our API without having to change any of your codebase.

Using the API Explorer

Visit https://app.itemlogic.com/assess/explorer to use the API Explorer. You must have a valid ItemLogic user account and valid API credentials.

  1. Enter your company's API Access ID and Secret Code.
  2. Enter the command you would like to execute.
  3. Add any necessary fields to the command, in JSON format. This will be sent as POST data.
  4. Click Run (or press [Enter] while inside of the command field) to send the request.

Any data available as a result of your command will be displayed in JSON format in the box that is lightly shaded gray. We will also print the response time at the bottom of your returned data, so you may see how awesomely fast our servers are.

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