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Returns a list of item records belonging to a bank.


GET /bank/<bank_id>/items HTTP/1.1
Host: assess.itemlogic.com


See /item  for more information regarding fields returned in this query.

Search Fields

You may optionally filter your item listing against certain properties. Each property needs to be an array of values. Availability of this data is subject to whatever is supplied by the publisher.

Name Description Type

Item UUID. uuid 
id_local Local Item ID. int
id_vendor Vendor-assigned Item ID. string 
interaction ID of client to which bank will belong. See interaction types table for possible values. string 
title Search by Item title. string
grade Grade level. Possible values are integers 1-12. integer 
score_min Minimum possible score. float 
score_max Maximum possible score. float 
subject Item subject. Possible values are: ela, math, sci, ss, hist string 
keyword Item keyword. string 
dok Depth of Knowledge. Expects values of 1, 2, 3, or 4.
For more information about DOK, see: https://static.pdesas.org/content/documents/M1-Slide_19_DOK_Wheel_Slide.pdf
blooms Bloom's Taxonomy. Expects values of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.
For more information about Blooms, see: http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd/bloom.html
difficulty Difficulty Level. Expects values of E, M, H. string
passage Search by passage title. string
context Search by context ID. integer
language Search by language using ISO language codes. Default is EN. string
locale Search by locale using ISO locale codes. Default is US. string
standard Search by standard string. string

Search Modifiers

Name Description Type

Number of results to return. integer string 
op Search operator to use ("and" or "or"). "and" produced exclusive results, "or" produces inclusive results. Defaults to "and". string 
page The page number of results to return. integer string 
client Passing client ID will cause excluded objects to be omitted from search results. integer


In addition to returning a list of items based on your search results, you can optionally use facet to return item counts of all values for certain properties. For example, use &facet[0]=interaction to return an item count for each interaction type that are within your search parameters.

Name Description Type
facet Facet property. Values can be "subject", "interaction", "grade", "dok", "blooms", and "standard". string 

Standard Faceting

You may specify an optional prefix for standard facets. For example ?facet[0]=standard:dok will only return facets beginning with dok (which correspond to Depth of Knowledge values).

Note: You may only specify one prefix in your entire query. If you specify more, only the first prefix specified will take effect. For example:  (?facet[0]=standard:dok&facet[1]=standard:bt)

Search Example

GET /bank/32/items?interactions[0]=gfnl HTTP/1.1
Host: assess.itemlogic.com

Interaction Types

The following interaction type codes can be used when querying a bank of items and need to filter by interaction type:


Selected Response (Multiple Choice)
Selected Response (Matrix) MTRX
Extended Text TEXT
Order ORDR
Associate ASOC
Matching MTCH
Text Gap Match GMTC
Slider SLDR
HotText HTXT
Inline Text ITXT
Hotspot (Graphic) GFXH
Graphic Associate GFXA
Graphic Gap Match GFXM
Select Point (Graphic Coordinate) GFXX
Graphic Position GFXP
Graphic Order GFXO
Graph: Cartesian GFCT
Graph: Bar GFBR
Graph: Line GFLN
Graph: Line Plot GFLP
Number Line (Plot) GFNL
Number Line (Place) GFNP
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