Certica Products



Returns information regarding an individual item.


GET /item/<item_id> HTTP/1.1
Host: assess.itemlogic.com


The following fields are returned in this query:

Property Name Description Type

Item ID (globally unique). UUID
id_local Item ID local to the ItemLogic system. These are easier to visually read than the Bank ID. integer
bank_id Bank ID. integer
title Item title and/or description.
This may be a snippet of the item's actual content.
rating_avg Average item rating. string
rating_qty Number of ratings given to the item. datetime
interactions Type of interactions within the item. array
standards Curriculum standards attached to the item. string
keywords Keywords associated with the item. string
language ISO language code. string
locale ISO locale code. string
url_render URL for viewing item in an interactive state. string
url_screenshot URL for viewing a static rendering of the item. string
created Date item was created. datetime
updated Date item was last modified. datetime
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