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Returns all test records available for administration.


GET /client/<client_id>/tests HTTP/1.1
Host: assess.itemlogic.com

Search Fields

You may optionally filter your test search results against certain fields. Each property needs to be an array of values.

Name Description Type

Search by test title. Each word in the expression is searched independent from other words in this expression. string
year Search by test year.
Note: This is not a numeric search, as tests are often stored as a range string (e.g., "2017-2018").
type Search by test type. These are mostly vendor-proprietary values, so it will be important to know which values each publisher uses when publishing their assessments. Possible values are:

PERF: Performance Tasks
BNCH: Benchmark
TSLT: Testlet
CHEK: Checkpoint
IFAS: Interim Formative Assessment
SUMM: Summative Assessment
EMOD: End-of-Module Exam
EXIT: Exit Exam
BLPT: Blueprint
LTCY: Literacy
NMCY: Numeracy

NONE: All test records that are not categorized with any of the above identifiers.
grade Search by test grade level. Possible values are integers [K,1-12], no leading zeros. integer 
subject Search by test subject. Possible values are:

ELA: English/Language Arts
MATH: Mathematics
SCI: Science
SS: Social Studies
HIST: History
is_secure Search for tests that are flagged as secure. Secure tests are tests that contain items that should not be visible within a general item search. boolean
is_public Search for tests that are shared by their creator. boolean
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