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Returns information regarding an assessment (test/view). Subcommand(s) provide additional capabilities.


The following diagram illustrates how test and item response data is stored in ItemLogic:

Here are descriptions of each of the three data models used in the figure above.

  1. test is a collection of items arranged in a particular order. A test can have additional properties such as time limit, accommodation settings. Items in tests can also be displayed in discrete sections with their own time limits.
  2. release is an administration of a test. Releases can be categorized by time or by a particular subset of students (class, grade, etc). Creating different releases based on a discrete object (e.g. "9th Graders", or "Fall 2015") makes it easier to analyze response data scores in comparison to another discrete object (e.g. "10th graders", or "Spring 2016").
  3. session represents a single test-taking session by a candidate.
  4. A session belongs to a release, which belongs to a test.

Keep in mind, if you are looking for simplicity, you can always just create a single Release for a test and have every Session belong to it. Taking advantage of creating many releases may help you better better organize and classify your data. Also, statistics are generated at the release level, so it is recommended that you take every opportunity to segment your test sessions into manageable releases.


The following table provides more information about each subcommand, follow the links in the table.

Command Description
/view Returns an array of test records available for administration.
/items Returns an array of items belonging to the test.
/release Creates a new release of a test.
/releases Returns an array of releases belonging to a test.
/sessions Returns an array of candidate sessions belonging to a release.
/session Returns information regarding a single session belonging to a test.
/results Returns results of a specific test session.
/screenshot Returns a screenshot of the candidate's response to a specific item.
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