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Sends the contents of a test to PDF. This is an asychronous method.


POST /test/<test_id>/print HTTP/1.1
Host: assess.itemlogic.com

The only required field is for_client_id which designates the ID of the client to which you wish to have own the newly-printed test. This client's name is printed within the document.


Name Description Type

The client that should own the newly-printed test. integer
notify_email The email address of the user to notify when the document is available for download. string

Checking on the Print Progress

After submitting a request to send a test to PDF, you will receive as part of the response an export ID and job ID. You'll need these to send a request to:

GET /export/<export_id>/job/<job_id> HTTP/1.1
Host: assess.itemlogic.com

This will return information about the status of your print request, and a download link to use inside your application when the download is complete (if you'd rather not use notify_email). Here's a sample response to your request:

"code": "200",
"status": "OK",
"body": {
"export": {
"id": "6",
"client_id": "5",
"title": "PDF Print Sample (ELA)",
"description": null,
"format": "PRNT",
"type": null,
"test_id": "38383"
"job": {
"id": "4",
"export_id": "6",
"time_start": "2016-08-18 22:38:15",
"time_end": "2016-08-18 22:38:22",
"status": "COMP",
"format": "PRNT",
"notify_email": "[email protected]"
"batch": {
"download_url": "http://app.itemlogic.com/exports/download/37483652?accessCode=abc123"
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