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Creates one or more test sessions for a specific test release. Each session is attached to a specific testing instance and to a specific test candidate. Each session record must have a unique candidate_id and access_code.

At most, 10,000 new sessions may be created in one call. If your roster of sessions exceeds this amount, consider breaking up your roster into multiple commands.

Creating a session record for a candidate's test-taking session is the final command necessary before rendering items for the candidate.

Tip: We recommend calling this API command at the time the student is beginning the test.

Important: Submitting a significant number of session requests (~10,000) can take as long as 20 seconds to receive a response. Be sure to either warn your application users of this delay, or send the command to the background so your users do not experience a delay.


POST /test/<test_id>/release/<release_id>/sessions/create HTTP/1.1
Host: assess.itemlogic.com


This command accepts one field, sessions, which needs to be an array of session records.

"sessions": [{
"name_first": "Homer",
"name_middle": "Jay",
"name_last": "Simpson",
"candidate_id": "111111",
"access_code": "ABC101",
"school_id": "24680",
"district_id": "87654",
"name_first": "Sherlock",
"name_last": "Holmes",
"candidate_id": "111112",
"access_code": "ABC102",
"school_id": "24680",
"district_id": "87654",
}, ...]

The following fields may be submitted in a session record:

Property Name Description Type

(Required) ID of student, candidate, or test-taker. The ID should ideally be the ID held on file by the educational authority, but at the very least must meet the following criteria:
  1. the value is unique within the client (district/school) where the test is being administered, and
  2. the value will always refer to a single student, across all tests ever to be administered within that client.
gender (Optional) The gender of the candidate. See below for acceptable values, and for security considerations. string
grade_level (Optional) The grade level of the candidate. See below for acceptable values, and for security considerations. string
ethnicity (Optional) The ethnicity of the candidate. See below for acceptable values, and for security considerations. string
access_code (Optional) Password-like string used to access items that can be rendered by ItemLogic. This string should be unique to every candidate within a test release. This code will not be stored in a case-sensitive manner. If one is not provided, one will be automatically generated and returned on a successful POST. string
name_first (Optional) Candidate's first name. string
name_middle (Optional) Candidate's middle name. string
name_last (Optional) Candidate's last name. string
school_id (Optional) School ID. string
district_id (Optional) School district ID. string

Return Data

Returned data consists of an echo of the data submitted, with the exception that an identifier, id, is also returned with each record. These records will be returned within a sessions field. Save this value on your platform along with access_code on your platform. You will need this to render an item for which a responses is expected to be persisted.

Grade Level Values

Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten Grades 1-12 Adult Education

K 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 AE

Gender Values

Male Female Other


Ethnicity Values

Ethnicity Value

Bi-Racial BIRA
American Indian AMIN
Asian ASIA
Pacific Islander PAIS
Filipino FILP
Hispanic HISP
African American AFAM
Other OTHR

Security Considerations

To avoid sending PII (Personally Identifying Information), we suggest hashing, using MD5, for example, on the candidate_id before sending this information to ensure it is anonymized.

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