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How to Migrate On-Premises Aeries DGA to Hosted Aeries DGA (DRAFT)

Updated Mar 24, 2021

How to Migrate On-Premises Aeries DGA to Hosted Aeries DGA

This article describes how to migrate an Aeries district from their on-premises DGA to Aeries' Hosted DGA. This needs to be done when an Aeries district moves from a self-hosted Aeries database to a Hosted Aeries database.

Note that you'll need to uninstall the on-premises DGA from the district's DGA computer so that it does not continually send a heartbeat to our servers and fill our logs with errors. To do this, right-click on the c:\program files (x86)\data gateway agent\uninstall.exe file and click through the uninstaller. If there are any errors during the uninstall process, click through them and then manually delete the c:\program files(x86)\data gateway agent folder. Also, ensure that the two "Data Gateway Agent..." Windows Services are deleted.

Note that there are three Hosted Aeries DGAs and that as of December 2020 all new migrations will be on Aeries Hosted 3.


Step 1:

Note the days and time of the existing Agent's data acquisition because you'll copy it over to the newly-created Agent.

If the district does not have a Customer record, create one now using the variables from the existing Agent. 

(varNCESLEAID, varSchoolYear, varSchoolYearStartDate, vasSIS, and varStateCode)

Step 2: 

Create a new Data Acquisition in Aeries Hosted 3:


Step 3: 

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