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Navigate Assessment Metadata

Updated May 14, 2021

The metadata in the following table are for assessments that are part of a Navigate release.

  • The QTI information is available in the IMSManifest.xml file provided in the Navigate QTI package.
  • The API information is accessed through the ItemLogic API.
Metadata Element Description Possible Values QTI Reference API Reference
Assessment ID Identifier Integer or string test-[ID] id
preview_access_id (string)
Author Author of the assessment String tag:assessment-author N/A
Bundle Name Name of the bundle containing the assessment String tag:assessment-bundle-name N/A
Category Assessment type DCM
Progress Check
NextGen Science Check
tag:assessment-category N/A
Grade Level Grade level with which the assessment is associated Grade K
Grade 01
Grade 02
Grade 03
Grade 04
Grade 05
Grade 06
Grade 07
Grade 08
Grade 09
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
Grades 09-10
Grades 09-12
Grades 11-12
Algebra I
tag:assessment-grade N/A
Keywords Words related to the passage String
(multiple values allowed)
tag:assessment-keyword N/A
Number of Items Number of items in the assessment Integer N/A qty_item
Release Name Release of Navigate in which assessment is provided String tag:release-name N/A
Subject Subject of the assessment Language Arts
tag:assessment-subject N/A
Title Name of the assessment String N/A title
(available in assessment XML file located in the \tests folder)
Type Describes whether an assessment covers a single or multiple standards and, if multiple, how the standards are grouped Single Standard
Multiple Standard - Cluster
Multiple Standard - Domain
Multiple Standard - Strand
tag:assessment-type N/A
Assessment Module Letter associated with the module A,B,C,D tag:assessment-module N/A

Note: Previous releases of the Navigate Item Bank included an "Assessment Code". While this is being deprecated, it is still referenced in the QTI as "tag:assessment-code".

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