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Number Line (Placement)


Number Line (Placement) interaction presents a number line on which candidates may place tokens. The candidate drags the available tokens and drops them above the correct values on the number line. 


Note: While this sample item uses only text-based tokens, ItemLogic also supports graphic and equation-based tokens.

Creating a Number Line (Placement) Interaction

  1. In the item editor, click the plus sign and click Stem. This displays the Select Interaction Type window.
  2. Click the Graphing tab to reveal graph-based interaction types.
  3. Select Number Line (Placement), then click Create Interaction.
  4. Add content to your stem prompt (ex: "A boy had 8 chores to complete ...").

Customizing the Number Line

You may begin by changing the appearance of the number line if the default appearance is not appropriate for your item. To do this, click Customize. The Chart Editor appears.

  1. Make changes using the options available. For example, add an x-axis label or change how many increments are marked or labeled. 
  2. Click Update Chart Preview to see how the changes will look.  
  3. When you are finished editing, click Close

Adding Tokens

You need to create a set of tokens that will be provided to the candidate for the purpose of placing above the correct values in the number line. In the example shown at the beginning of this page, the tokens are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

To add tokens:

Enter text for one token in the text field of the "Tokens" section. For example, type "Monday." You may also add images and equations.

Click Add Text. The newly-created token becomes listed in the Tokens field. 

Repeat this process to add each token. 

Each distinct token should have a different identifier next to it (T1, T2, T3, etc...).

Pairing Tokens with Values on the Number Line

Finally, define which tokens should be placed with which values on the number line. 

To create an association of Tokens and Values, refer to the image and steps below:

1 Click the Plus icon in the "Matches" section [1]. This creates a blank "Source (token)-to-Destination (value)" interface.
2 Click the placeholder labeled "Source" [2]. 
3 Then select the token number from the drop-down list [3]. The name of the token replaces the word "Source."
4 Click the placeholder labled "Destination" [4] and select the appropriate value [5] from the drop-down list. The name of the value replaces the word "Destination."

Repeat the process until your editor shows which tokens associate to which values.


By default, for every correctly matched Token and Value, a candidate receives +1.00 point.

What Next?

You may want to customize the response scoring or preview or render your item, or save and submit it for review.

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