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How do I view individual student watchlist data?

Updated May 28, 2021

Watchlists display and allow you to track key metrics for selected students. You can view individual student watchlist criteria or their student Scorecard. Distribution curves indicate how a student compares to others in a cohort.

By default, watchlists display current data in alphabetical order by student last name.

Open Watchlists

Open Watchlists

In the navigation menu, click the Watchlists link.

Open Watchlist

On the Watchlists page, select the watchlist category you want to view [1].

Then click the watchlist title [2].

View Student Details

To view student watchlist details, locate the student in the student list and click the Expand icon [1]. The detailed view displays graphs comparing the selected student to other students with shared demographic information [2].

Select Distribution Curve Comparison Group

To compare with students sharing different demographics, click the Distribution Curve drop-down menu [1]. Select another cohort of students based on another demographic [2].

Open Criteria Details

Open Criteria Details

In a dynamic watchlist, you can view the filter criteria used for the watchlist and the corresponding student data. Click the Criteria button.

View Criteria Details

View Criteria Details

View the criteria details. 

To close the Criteria Detailed View window, click the Close button [1] or the X icon [2].

View Student Scorecard

To view the student's scorecard, click the Scorecard button.

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