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How do I configure my Videri account as an LTI in MasteryConnect?

Updated Jul 10, 2021

As an admin, you can configure a learning tool integration (LTI) between your institution's Videri and MasteryConnect accounts. This integration supports SSO access from MasteryConnect to Videri.

To configure Videri as an LTI in MasteryConnect, you must contact your MasteryConnect specialist to obtain a client ID for your integration. You must save your client ID in Videri.  

Note: The first time a user accesses Videri from MasteryConnect, they must confirm their identity by verification email.

Open Videri Administration Page

Open Videri Administration Page

In the Toolbar, click the Profile icon [1]. Then click the Manage organization link [2].

Open Security

In Administration Navigation click the Security link [1], or on the Videri Administration page, click the Security link [2].

Open LTI Configuration

In the Security Management Navigation Menu, click the LTI Configuration link [1], or on the Security Management Overview page you can click the LTI Configuration link [2].

View Configuration Information

View Configuration Information

On the LTI Configuration page, locate the MasteryConnect section [1]. By default, the configuration is enabled for your account [2].

Contact your MasteryConnect specialist for your client ID. Enter your Videri MasteryConnect client ID in the Client ID field [3].

View the Videri configuration URL in the Configuration URL field [4]. To copy the configuration URL, click the Copy icon [5].

To save your client ID, click the Save changes button [6].

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