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How do I get help using the AB Connect Alignment App?


You can get help with the AB Connect Alignment App in the Help menu. The Help menu includes links to view the Academic Benchmarks user guides and submit a ticket to the Academic Benchmarks Support team.

View Help Menu

View Help Menu

To view available Help options, click the Help icon [1].

To view the Academic Benchmarks Guides, click the Instructure Community link [2].

To submit a ticket to the Academic Benchmarks Support team, click the Still need help? link [3].

Submit Support Ticket

Submit Support Ticket

In the Email field [1], enter an email address at which Support can contact you regarding your ticket.

In the Subject field [2], create a subject for your ticket.

Click the Product drop-down menu [3], and select the Academic Benchmarks option.

In the Description field [4], describe the issue you are experiencing in the AB Connect Alignment App. Please be as detailed as possible to help troubleshoot the problem.

To include a file with the ticket, click the Attach a file link [5].

Confirm that you are not a robot by completing the Captcha form [6].

When you have finalized all the ticket details, click the Submit button [7].

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