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How do I use the home page in Portfolium?

Updated Apr 01, 2021

The Portfolium home page gives you an overview of the activity in your network and provides links to visit different areas of Portfolium.

View Home Page

The Overview column displays a brief summary of your information [1].

The Activity Feed shows you what is happening in your network. You can follow companies, like entries, and connect with other members in the feed [2].

The Profile Strength Column provides suggestions on ways to complete your profile [3]. 

View Toolbar

The Universal Search in the header can be used to find projects, people, networks, companies, and jobs across Portfolium. To search Portfolium, enter a name, keyword, or title in the Search field [1]. Searches can be filtered by project, people, jobs, network, or companies.

The Toolbar also contains links to different areas of Portfolium, including Discover, Jobs, Tasks, and Notifications [2].

The Apps menu [3] contains links to switch between Portfolium Network and other Portfolium products, if enabled in your account.

The Me menu [4] contains links to your profile, your jobs, user settings, a Portfolium invitation link, the Portfolium user guides, and the logout link.

To add a new project from the toolbar, click the Add New Project button [5].

To access the activity feed or view suggestions, click the Activity or Suggestions tabs [6].


  • If you are not enrolled in any Pathways or Program Assessment courses, the Tasks icon will not display in your Toolbar.
  • If you do not have an account in other Portfolium products, such as Pathways or Program Assessment, the Apps icon will not display in your Toolbar.

View Overview

View Overview

The Overview column displays a brief summary of your basic information, including your name, tagline, location, education, and work experience. To quickly edit your overview information, click the Edit button.

View Activity Feed

View Activity Feed

The Activity Feed shows you what is happening in your network. You can view updates from connections and companies you follow, as well as trending projects, or post an update about what you have been working on recently.

View Profile Strength

View Profile Strength

The Profile Strength column shows your profile strength meter [1] and offers tips to strengthen your profile. Completed tasks display a shaded checkmark icon and outstanding tasks display a link to complete the task [3]. To see additional tasks to increase your profile strength, click the See More button [4].

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