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How can I discover projects on Portfolium?

Updated Apr 01, 2021

The Discover page allows you to discover content from across Portfolium. The Discover page includes staff and expert picks, trending content, and categories so you can easily filter to see projects relevant to your background.

Open Discover Page

Open Discover Page

Click the Discover icon.

Featured Content and Categories display at the top of the page. Click any content or category name to view more details.

View Expert and Staff Picks

The Expert and Staff Picks section display a curated selection of projects. Click any project name to view the project or click the See All link to view more projects in either section.

The Trending Projects section displays projects that are trending across Portfolium. Click the name of a project to view the project.

Filter by Category

Filter by Category

You can also filter the Discover page by category. Hover over the name of a category in the sidebar to view subcategories, then click the name of a subcategory to filter projects by that category.

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