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How can I find companies to follow on Portfolium?

Updated Apr 01, 2021

Following a company on Portfolium allows you to see updates from the company, including a notification when they post new jobs. Following a company also places you in the company's talent pool. When you apply to a job, your portfolio will be featured to hiring managers.

Search Companies

Search Companies

In the Toolbar, to find a company, type the company's name in the Search field [1]. When the company's name displays in the search results, click the company name [2].

Browse Companies

Browse Companies

To browse companies on Portfolium, go to portfolium.com/search/companies in your web browser. To view more information about a company, click the company name.

View Company

On the Company's page, you can view information about the company [1] and follow the company [2].

Available jobs will also display on the company page. To view the details of a job, click the job name [3] and to see more jobs, click the View All link [4].

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