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How do I generate an enrollment link for students to opt-in to a pathway?

Updated Apr 01, 2021

You can generate a link to allow students to enroll in a pathway. You can share the link in a course syllabus, email the link to your students, or share the link via your preferred method.

When students click the link, they will be automatically enrolled in the pathway. If a student does not have a Portfolium Network account, when they click the link they will be prompted to complete the onboarding process before being enrolled in the pathway.

Open Pathways

Open Pathways

In the Toolbar, click the Pathways icon.

Open Pathway

Click the name of the pathway.

Add Students

On the pathway details page, click the Add Students button.

The Add Students window includes a link that will automatically enroll students when they click the link [1].

To copy the link to your clipboard, click the Copy Link button [2].

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