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How to Post and Delete an Entry on the iOS App

Updated Apr 01, 2021

To post an Entry:

  1. Tap the Add Entry icon, located at the bottom of the menu
  2. Choose the type of Entry you wish to create (Job, Coursework, Volunteer, Clubs, Hobbies, Misc.)
  3. Next, add a PhotoTitleCategory, and Describe your entry in detail!

    To add an image, you can either take a photo in the moment or choose an existing image from your phone's gallery.

    Use #hashtags to help categorize your work, and make it easier for employers to find you! To include a hashtag in your Entry, tap the # symbol and add a keyword. You can add multiple hash-tagged words and phrases to your entry description. Lastly, don't forget to tag your teammates and collaborators! 
  4. Once you've entered all of your details, make sure you hit the Save button.

A window will pop up, showing you the progress of your entry upload. Voila! Once uploaded successfully, you will be directed to your new Entry

Pro Tip: Have a rough draft Entry that you’re not quite ready to post? Set the privacy to Only Me to save it as a draft.

To delete an Entry:

  1. Click on the Entry you wish to delete, and then select the More icon, located at the top right.
  2. Click on the Delete button. 
  3. A confirmation pop-up will appear. To officially delete your Entry, click OK! 

To learn how to add, edit or delete an entry on the website, go here:

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