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How do I claim a course?

Updated Apr 01, 2021

After your administrator adds your institution's course catalog to the assessment library, you can claim a course. Claiming a course makes a copy of the course template created by your admin that you can use to distribute assignments to your students. Work that your students submit for the course will help build out their portfolios.

Open Assessment

Open Assessment

In the Toolbar, click the Assessment icon.

Open Courses

Open Courses

In the Assessment Library sidebar, click the Course Templates link.

View Courses

On the Courses page, you can view courses added to your account. If you do not see your course, click the Add New Course button.

Note: If you do not see the Add New Course button, you do not have permission to add a new course. Contact your account admin to get your course added.

Claim Course

When you see your course, click the checkbox next to the course code [1], then click the Claim course button [2].

Enter Course Details

Enter Course Details

In the course details tray, enter the details for your course. Use the drop-down menus to select a year [1] and term [2] and use the text fields to enter a section number [3] and LMS Course ID [4].

Set a review strategy for your course using the Review Strategy radio buttons. To have a single reviewer strategy in your course, click the Single Assessor radio button [5] . To have a multiple assessor review strategy in your course, click the Multiple Assessors radio button [6].

When you have finalized your course details, click the Claim Course button [7].

Note: If the course has multiple assessors, badging will not be available in assignment options and assessors will not be able to request revisions.

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