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How do I upload users to a Portfolium account as an admin?

Updated Apr 01, 2021

As a Portfolium admin, you can bulk upload and import users into your account using a CSV file. You can download a template file with pre-formatted headers from the Upload Data page to ensure your CSV formatting is correct.

CSV File Headers and Formatting

The users CSV file includes many fields for you to utilize as you manage users in your account. Required and sticky fields are indicated below, as well as values specific to a field, as applicable.

Required Field* | Sticky Field^

  • account_type*:This is the type of Portfolium account for the user. Available options include undergrad, grad, alumni, communitycollege, k12, faculty, staff.
  • firstname*^:This is the given first name of the user.
  • lastname*^:This is the given last name (surname) of the user.
  • email*:This is the main email address the user will use to access their Portfolium account. Can also be used as a unique identifier.
  • email_alt1^:This is an optional email address for the user to receive additional notifications from Portfolium.
  • email_alt2^:This is an optional email address for the user to receive additional notifications from Portfolium.
  • id^:This is a unique value used to identify anyone with an account in Canvas. This value must not change for the user, and must be unique across all users. Please note the user ID cannot be set through an import.
  • edu_access:This allows faculty or staff users to be granted access to the admin portal. Available options include none, admin, faculty, instructional designer. The specified option will establish default permissions in the admin portal for the user. If the account type is not faculty or staff this column will be ignored.
  • start_date^:This is the full date a student will be starting or has already started. Format the date as Month Date, Year (March 31, 2021).
  • degree^:This is the degree a user is pursuing or has completed.
  • remove_from_network:This allows a user to be removed from a network. This option only removes a user's connection to an institution; the user will still have access to their Portfolio.

Open Folios

Open Folios

In the Toolbar, click the Folios icon.

Note: If your account has not yet launched, you can also upload CSV files through the Activation tab.

Open Upload Data

Open Upload Data

In Account Navigation, click the Upload Data link [1]. By default, the People tab is selected [2].

Upload People CSV

Drag and drop your CSV file to the upload area [1] or click the Browse Your Files link to select a file from your computer [2].

To download a template file, click the template file link [3].

Note: Some fields are required to import your CSV correctly. These fields are:

  • account_type: This is the user's Portfolium account type. Available options for this field include undergrad, grad, alumni, communitycollege, k12, faculty, and staff. 
  • firstname: This is the user's given first name. Example: Roberta
  • lastname: This is the user's given last name (surname). Example: Diaz
  • email: This is the user's main email address for accessing their Portfolium account. It can also be used as a unique identifier. Example: studentname@youruniversity.edu

Select File

In your computer's Finder, select the CSV file you want to upload [1] and then click the Open or Select button [2].

Add File Details

Add File Details

Type the name of your file in the Name text field [1]. You can add an optional description in the Description text field [2]. Click the Next button [3].

View File Data

You can view a sample of the records you uploaded via CSV. Confirm that the data is accurate and then click the Looks Good...Next button.

Confirm File Upload

View the upload confirmation and click the Done button.

View Import Options

View Import Options

To start the import process immediately, click the Import Now button [1]. To schedule the import process for a later date or time, click the Schedule Import button [2]. To delete the import entirely, click the Delete button [3].

Schedule Import

Schedule Import

If you click the Schedule Import button, the Schedule Import window will display. Select a date and time for your import process [1]. Select or deselect the checkboxes for your email preferences [2]. To finish scheduling your import, click the Schedule button [3].

Import File Now

Import File Now

If you click the Import Now button, the confirmation window will display. Select or deselect the checkboxes for your email preferences [1] and click the Start button [2].

View Completed Imports

When your import process is complete, a summary card of the import will display in the Completed section of the Upload Data page. Click the title of your import to view the file details [1].

On the Import Details page, you can view a table containing your imported data [2],  download a CSV of your data [3], select how many results to display per page [4], and navigate through multiple pages of data [5]. To return to the Upload Data page, click the All People Uploads link [6].

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